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Broadjam Member Reviews of our First release S.D.L.

Hang on to your hat... and everything else around you. This thing flat-out rocks. Heavy guitars so sweetly compressed and placed in the mix just right. Killer vocals that fit perfectly. The whole things has the sound that packs your speakers with deep-blasting, heavy-hitting, powerful-good stuff. Great work and production.
    - Billy Pilgrim

It kind of has a Nirvana or Daughtry Sound. I am not a huge fan of this style of music, but recognize skilled players and vocalists!! These guys are very GOOD!! Nice arrangement, having a slightly difficult time understanding lyrics.........but this genre is not always BIG on articulation! Again, just a personal thingy...NO worries Mate!! Still High 5's!!!!!!!!!!
    - Margie & Art Corey, S. & Al Corey

Great tune. Written well, good mix and overall awesome tones. Song reminds me of AIC/Dirt Album. Really loved the bass tone. Has that Right amount of low end but some clank in there to bring out the mid and highs. Very nice. Well done guys.
    - Passin Throu